About Us

We started this board & card game company in 2017 as a way to make awesome games for the community.  We want to find designs that we’re passionate about and help them see their way in to finished products.  We also want to help the rest of the community by providing any insights we come across as we learn all about game development, publishing, manufacturing, and fulfillment.

Dustin has been playing board & card games since he was beating his family at Pitch back in junior high. He’s a highly trained Microsoft Office Engineer. He was also able to trick his wife, Christa, into marrying him and their 3 kids are too cute for their own good.

In the daytime Michael is a Software developer but at night he’s a gamer. He first started playing video games when his parents got him his very own NES for Christmas, and the rest was history. Some of his best memories as a kid was playing Chrono Trigger and Earthbound. The thing Michael looks at the most in a game is a theme that’s rich and well integrated into the mechanics. When he’s not gaming, Michael enjoys spending time at his home in the mountains, as well as kayaking and hiking with his family.

Alan is a software engineer during his day job, that translates into a fascination with game mechanics and the algorithms that power his favorite board games. He has been a life long video gamer and fell in love with the board game renaissance 10 years ago. He enjoys many different board game genres, and a good mechanic above all is his focus.

Brett wasn’t born loving board games like the rest of these nerds, but came to realize an affinity at a much older and saltier age. His appreciation for board games was born from a long history of video gaming. He may not be able to tell you the difference between an area-impulse euro and a modular board deck builder, but he brings a unique, somewhat outsider perspective to Side Room Games.