Side Room Games is always looking to get new designs out to the community. If you have a design you’ve been working on that’s ready to make the leap we’d love to hear about it.

We’re interested in a wide variety of game themes, mechanics, playtimes, player counts and weights. In general we prefer smaller sized games since those are easier to produce and get out to our customers. But if the design is right for us we’d love to work on it!

We also want games that the designer feels are “finished”. By that we mean the rules are complete and the components are defined. The graphic design and artwork should be functional enough that players get the ideas and emotions that the designer was aiming for. Finally, the design should be well playtested, including “blind” playtesting where new players test the game with only the rules and components to guide them.

If you think your design is ready to go, send us an email with a link to you Work In Progress Thread on BGG.

“Wait, what’s a ‘Work In Progress’ Thread?”

You don’t have a WIP thread on BGG?!?! Make one! It’s easy and it does a ton for your game! Free exposure, feedback, playtesting. What’s not to like?! Go check out some of the awesome threads here:

“But what if someone steals my game idea?”

Don’t worry, they won’t  Long story short, it’s a ton of effort to design & refine a game and other designers are too busy on their own projects to steal yours. And, even if someone did the board game community is a small tight-knit group – they’d never get away with it!

“What happens next?”

We’ll check out the thread (which hopefully includes PnP files and/or rules) and let you know if we’d like to take it for a spin. If it’s easy we’ll print it out ourselves. If it’s a little more complicated we may ask you to send us a prototype. Then we’ll let you know what we think!

Send us an email at and let us know about your game!