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Side Room Games – September 2022 Newsletter

Hey everyone! Here’s a quick update on a new project coming & our other current projects. Let’s jump in!

In Dreams – Launching 10 October

In Dreamsby Mike Berg and Jamie Thul, is a slightly surreal storytelling game for one, which uses vivid imagery and evocative prompts to immerse you in a dreamworld you wouldn’t have otherwise imagined. It was the grand prize winner in our jury selection and placed in multiple other categories in the contest. Mike and Jamie used WOMBO Dream for the artwork and it’s really incredible. We’ve never seen or played anything like this and as soon as we did we knew we wanted to work with them to bring it into our portfolio and get it out to the community. We’ll be launching on 10 October on Gamefound so sign up to get notified!

Here’s a quick update on the rest of our projects:

  • Mechanical Beast:  Fulfillment has almost wrapped up for the English versions. I just got our copies yesterday from China and from those I’ll be sending out the last few stragglers (Alaska, Hawaii, and military overseas). So if you haven’t been contacted by me or gotten your English copies yet please reach out. Our licensing partners are also working their logistics piece so I’d expect them to start fulfillment in the October/November timeframe.
  • Grove:  Some of our partners have started fulfillment for their copies and a few are expecting to start in a few weeks. Our French partner is a little farther behind but should get their copies in October and start from there. If you missed out on a picking one up our partner, Bridge Fulfillment, has copies ready for preorder!

Finally, the 2022 54 Card Game Design Contest on BoardGameGeek just wrapped up and the 2023 version of the contest will be kicking off in November. So if you’re interested in designing something for it, or if you just want to check out some cool, free print & play games, be on the lookout for more info coming soon!

As always, if you have any questions or issues feel free to drop us a line through our social media outlets or send us an email at Until next time!

The SRG Team