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Side Room Games – Jul/Aug 2021 Update

Hey everyone – as usual lots going on so let’s jump into it!

Mechanical Beast – Another Success!

The Mechanical Beast campaign went great as expected and we’re excited to get this one printed up! We’re working on the final file prep this month & next and are hoping to start the pre-production up in October. So stay tuned for updates as things progress. The Pledge Manager just got approved on Gamefound so go check it out if you missed the campaign!

Here’s a quick update on the rest of our projects:

  • Elements of the Gods: After some back & forth with the manufacturer we’re getting close to finishing up the production proof and approving the full print. We’re expecting the final proof to get to us around the middle of the month with slight updates to the miniatures and a better storing system to make the box way more usable & storable. Stay tuned for pics once the proof arrives!
  • Maquis: Production is a little bit a head of schedule and should complete by the 15th of August! From there it’ll take some time to get the games to the various fulfillment centers (and to our licensing partners). So games should start making there way to backers & late pledgers in September. Be sure to get your shipping information updated in the pledge manager by 31 August!
  • Grove: The crowdfunding campaign is coming in September! No official launch date picked yet but once we have one we’ll let folks know. We’re getting review copies printed up as we speak and should have those out to reviewers by the end of the month. And stay tuned for announcements on the various licensing partners we have – expecting the same or even more support for this one as we had on Orchard!

We also have a few other announcements… We’re happy to announce we’ve signed By Torchlight by Barny Skinner to a publishing contract! This one got a top-5 finish in crowded field in the 2021 9-Card Nanogame Print & Play Design Contest on BoardGameGeek and we think it deserved an even better standing. It’s a small box design (think Orchard/Fallen Angels) of dungeon crawling, looting treasure, and killing monsters. It really is a “minis-game” feel in a tiny travel box. It’s definitely unique to us and a thrilling adventure that you can spend a ton of time on or knock out a level & pack it up for later. This one is going to be fun to put together in a finished product. Expect more announcements as we go and a crowdfunding campaign coming in 2022!

Finally, the 2021 54 Card Game Design Contest on BoardGameGeek wrapped up in July and there were some amazing entries! We’re proud to announce that we’ve signed For Northwood! by Wilhelm Su to a publishing contract and will look at crowdfunding it also in 2022! It was the big winner in the contest with a 1st place finishes in the Best Solo Game, Best Artwork, Best New Designer, and Best Overall categories. It was also our top pick from the SRG team and well deserved. I personally love trick taking games and to have one as fun & engaging as this is in a solo variant is a real treat!

As always, if you have any questions or issues feel free to drop us a line through our social media outlets or send us an email at Until next time!