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Up and Running!

Welcome to Side Room Games!  It’s almost like we’re professionals… We have a website, a blog, email addresses, and a Facebook page.  Pretty exciting stuff!

We have big plans for 2018 so I wanted to start a blog to track our progress from start up to publishing our first game.  I plan on using the blog to let everyone know how things are progressing for us, what we learn through this process, and what colossal mistakes to avoid (we’ll try to keep that one to a minimum).  Hopefully folks find it useful, or at the very least entertaining.  🙂

In case you weren’t aware, we’ll be running a contest on for a 54 card game design.  You can check out all of the details here.  We’re also accepting design submissions so if you have anything check out our Submissions page.  If you have any questions send us an email or hit us up on our Facebook page.

It’s going to be an adventure!